Huawei Mate X Postponed Again: the Ceaseless Story


Huawei needs considerably longer to bring its foldable smartphone, the Mate X, to market. Nonetheless, analysts still see the market for folding smartphones as developing – despite the fact that it does not exist at the moment.

Huawei Mate X

The Mate X keeps on being postponed. This is what TechRadar reports from a press event that Huawei held in Shenzhen. Despite the fact that a revised version of the original Mate X is expected to be discharged in 2019, this should not be before November. So it would appear like the tide’s turning again.

Initially, Samsung wanted to launch its Galaxy Fold in April. Huawei was to follow in the middle of the year. Yet, after the Samsung test gadgets bombed in a steady progression, the business launch was delayed further and further. For quite a while, Samsung did not give any precise information about when the Galaxy Fold would launch. Furthermore, despite the fact that Huawei had additionally delayed the arrival of the Mate X around then, regardless it looked like Huawei would win the race for the first foldable smartphone – we’ll overlook the Royole Flexpai for the time being.

Meanwhile, Samsung has reported that the Galaxy Fold will really be in stores in September. The company is still waiting to report the exact date. If Huawei needs longer once more, at that point Samsung will win the race after all. And Samsung already win this race.

Does it even matter anymore?

Meanwhile, the question was no longer who wins the race, yet whether it is still important who wins it. Is it even a race anymore? If it is, they’ve both already lost.

Galaxy Fold

At the point wen Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold, many were impressed. In any case, there was additionally skepticism among many of my colleagues and myself. Did Samsung pick the correct folding format? And could it all work the way they said it did? Samsung reliably demonstrated the device only behind glass, which raised doubts before the first test devices were shipped, and then they broke.

Huawei did things any other way. Everyone who got their hands on the gadgets on the MWC, for instance, was thrilled. Regardless of whether, obviously, the typical questions regarding durability were raised here too. But all that followed were reports of issues and new messaging that it would still take some time before you could buy it. One must consistently remember that folding smartphones, with their sticker prices up to $2,000, should just appeal to a small group of consumers anyway. In spite of the fact that there was and still is a great deal of interest in the technology overall.

 Mate X,

Yet, gradually the impression has spread that the folding smartphones could be vaporware. All things considered, Samsung had demonstrated prototypes for years before this year. Different companies, like LG, simply haven’t had sufficient time yet to build a commercial, foldable smartphone.

The magic is already gone

Interestingly, Samsung seems to be working on the next models also. TechRadar additionally reports that Huawei is as of now working on the successor to the Mate X, which will be discharged next year. What is metal on the present Mate X should become glass and possibly even be usable as a touch display.

The market experts at IHS Markit keep on expecting that in 2024 a good 50 million foldable OLED displays and along these lines maybe additionally smartphones will be sold. It’s supposed to go off in 2022. After the current year’s failure, it is hard to accept such figures. After all, 50 million foldable smartphones in a single year can only be possible if models are prepared for buy by then. They’ll come. Samsung will positively not postpone the date beyond September again. And Huawei most likely doesn’t want to follow much later than November. Yet, it stays to be seen how many people will be able to buy these.

Furthermore, the bogus begin should leave a stale aftertaste. It stays to be seen how many early adopters still want to be early adopters and what number of different users are willing to trust the technology. The folding smartphones will come. Purchasers will likewise discover them. But is the future of folding smartphones effectively here?

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