Risky strategy: Galaxy Fold may hit stores during launch of new iPhone models


Galaxy FoldWe know Samsung may be planning the long-awaited commercial launch of the Galaxy Fold – which was recently spotted at the hands of a user in India – for September.

The model was supposed to hit stores in April, but after problems with the first units, the store’s arrival was delayed so that the design could be corrected, making South Korean fans even more anxious to get their hands on. on the laptop.

And by all accounts, Sammy may be preparing a risky strategy with its first folding-screen smartphone: the same-day store hit with the announcement of the new iPhone.

The information was conveyed by the South Korean website The Investor and points to a commercial launch between September 18 and 20.

The strategy may be purposeful to try to overshadow the launch of Apple’s new smartphone lineup, but “the shot could backfire,” as the popular saying goes, seeing that Sammy’s top line should be offered for $ 1980 (~ $ 7505).

Interestingly, Samsung has made the decision in the past to postpone the launch of the Galaxy Note so that it would not be overshadowed by Apple’s smartphones (so announcements of this line usually occur in early August).

Apparently, Sammy knows that Fold, because of its price, will not sell as much as other popular models and saw at the launch of the iPhone an opportunity to gain media, seeing that inevitably its top line will be compared. Apple’s new smartphones.

In addition to the extremely high price of Fold, another thing that can hurt sales is the drop in hype – we are talking about many months of waiting for design issues to be fixed and then making the laptop available to the masses.

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Today’s technology is “lagging” faster and faster, and this large window of time between the announcement and the commercial launch, for example, can result in huge losses of interest, especially with so many new models being announced by other brands so quickly.

Source: www.theinvestor.co.kr

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