Windows 10: May 2019 Update Doubles Market Share


Windows 10New reports published in July by the market research firm AdDuplex detail the market share of each version of Windows 10, including, of course, the May 2019 update.

In the chart below, which represents data collected from over 100,000 PCs, we can see, for example, that the latest version of Microsoft’s platform reached 11.4% (a gain of over 5% compared to last month’s position). ).

The April 2018 update of Windows 10 (1803) still dominates with a 53.7% share (a slight drop from 58% last month).

Second in popularity is the October 2018 update, with 29.7% of market share (compared to 30% in June).

It’s interesting when you look closely at the numbers – it seems that most of the new users who installed the latest version of Windows came from those who used the April 2018 update.

At the same 2.4% last month is Windows 10 Falls Creator, and holding the position with a 2.7% market share is Windows 10 Creators.

Given the figures given above, we can conclude that the May 2019 update has doubled its market share since its launch, but the slow pace of adoption is still a matter of concern.

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If the pace of adoption of the Windows 10 May update remains at the same level, it will need at least up to four more months to overcome the popularity of the system’s April 2018 update.

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