LG V60: News, Leaks, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors!


LG’s V-series has changed significantly throughout the years. With the V10 and V20, LG set out to create phones that engaged power-users and photography nuts —

  • offering removable batteries,
  • high-quality headphone jacks,
  • powerful camera features

The V30 and V40 shook things up, picking a superior glass/metal design and going for a more standard market.

LG V60

The LG V50 was simply declared earlier this past February at MWC, and it’s demonstrated to be the oddest entry in the V-series yet. The V50 is a 5G-capable phone with an (awful) video blur impact and has an optional case that includes a second screen.

With the V50 appearing to be a flop, LG’s attempting its hand again with the V60. The V60 is required to be declared during IFA 2019, and this is everything we know about the phone so far.

LG V50

LG V50

5G, five cameras, and two screens (kind of).

The LG V50 is an…interesting phone. It’s LG’s first 5G-capable smartphone, has a sum of five cameras (two on the front, three on the back), and can be used with an embellishment that includes an extra screen. The majority of that is perfect, however if you’re interested, you’ll be paying a pretty penny.

Expect the LG V60 to have two displays

In spite of the fact that we’ve yet to see a leaked render or hands-on image of the V60, a teaser from LG has given us a thought of what to expect from the phone’s design. In particular, it looks like the LG V60 will have two main displays.

LG V60 to have two displays

In the image above, we can see the framework of two screens that are likely associated by some sort of hinge that can be folded together. LG’s “Dual, the Better” text likewise repeats this thought.

When the V60 is shut, there additionally seems, to be a smaller third display on the front that’ll demonstrate the time, date, and other important information.

Flagship specs should be present

Similar to the V60’s design, little is known about what kind of specs will be present on the phone. However, while we may not have specifics, it’s protected to assume that the V60 will come equipped with the usual array of flagship goodies.

Flagship specs

  • Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor
  • 6GB of RAM
  • come with expandable storage
  • a 3.5mm headphone jack
  • multiple rear cameras
  • AMOLED screen technology
  • BoomBox external speaker

LG will announce the phone on September 6

The LG V60 will be here before you know it. LG has affirmed that it’s reporting the phone at the forthcoming IFA 2019 trade show, which means we don’t have much longer to go before the gadget is made official.

LG’s press occasion during IFA takes place on Friday, September 6, and we’ll be there to share the majority of the most recent information about the phone as it’s announced.

You’ll likely need to pay a lot for it

LG’s V-series smartphones have never been shabby, and with the V60, we aren’t anticipating that aspect to change in the slightest.

For comparison’s sake, the LG V50 costs a weighty $1000 through Sprint while an opened V40 (which was propelled in October 2018) still conveys a retail price of $950.

That implies we can expect the V60 to be either close or cross the $1000 threshold, particularly if it ends up having a dual-screen design.

Will the V60 make the V50 irrelevant?

Lastly, let’s take a step back from all this discussion about the V60 and recollect that the V50 is as yet a moderately new phone. Indeed, it simply made its way to Verizon in late-June of this year.


LG’s playing an entirely forceful game by reporting a successor to the V50 this early on, and relying upon what the V60 brings to the table, could make the V50 insignificant only months after it launched.

Then again, we can’t generally say without a doubt until we find out about the V60.

If the V60 does have a genuine double-screen design and implements it well, it’ll without a doubt be a much more exciting and fascinating phone. Then again, if it’s basically a similar phone as the V50 yet can be used with a fancier dual-screen frill, the V50 will more than likely keep on existing fine — particularly if it gets price cuts following the V60’s release.

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