Best Buy Doesn’t Seem to Believe in the Galaxy Fold Anymore


Due to technical problems, Samsung had delayed the release of its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. The most recent news was that the gadget would be coming soon, yet will that really happen? Best Buy is right now canceling all pre-orders.


As a matter of fact that Samsung’s foldable smartphone should have been released on April 26th. in any case, at that point, the problems with the review units sent out to journalists came up. Then the CEO of the company, DJ Koh himself, said that the opportunity would come “soon”.

The main inquiry is when is soon? – possibly not when some might wish if Best Buy dropping all preorders in the US is any sign. The company itself affirmed this in its online forum. Those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold will get a $100 voucher from Best Buy as a sort of compensation.


A pre-order is currently no longer conceivable with the electronics chain. Samsung itself had additionally as of late asked pre-orderers if they truly still wanted their Galaxy Fold.

Initially, the smartphone was to be released in the USA on the 26th of April. However, after the first test devices failed by the dozen, Samsung first needed to make the smartphone progressively robust. A few testers had peeled back a film attached to the display and evacuated it. Indeed, however, it was an integral piece of the display. Oops.

The iFixit specialists additionally discovered several huge gaps in the crease that could without much of stretch be penetrated by foreign articles which could become lodged under the display. Samsung wants to lessen these gaps. However, it is hazy whether they will really be completely shut in the future.

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When the Samsung Galaxy Fold will really be accessible is yet not certain. DJ Koh had recently said that the smartphone would come soon and “will not be too late”. However, if the launch was inevitable, would Best Buy drop pre-orders at this stage?

Do you still believe that the Galaxy Fold will ever be accessible? Or on the other hand, were the folding smartphones only a good idea that won’t work in practice at this time? Let us know in the remarks.

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