Best Alternative Search Engines of 2019


Google’s ubiquity may cause it to appear as it’s the only game in town, however, there are other search engines out there, and it’s conceivable to make the change without missing out on convenience and dependability. Here are the 5 search engines worth considering in case you’re looking to ditch Google in 2019.


Obviously, there are a lot of non-Google search engines out there, however, some of them are even halfway decent. Most have an unsatisfactory number of ads, poor plan, or unreliable search results. After going through unlimited lists of the “best” ones and testing them out for myself, I set up together this rundown which contains just the search engines I would really recommend. Take a look at the rundown below and you’ll see there’s a great deal to gain by giving up Google.


Bing is the main alternative worth considering if you need a modern homepage, exceptionally relevant outcomes, a couple of ads, and a robust ecosystem which matches that of Google.


One of Bing’s solid points, the homepage, features a turning selection of delightful wallpapers from around the globe, in addition, non-exclusive news stories at the bottom. The search outcomes Bing offers tend to not only be spot-on regarding of relevance, however, they additionally provide relevant suggestions and connections related to your question, much like Google does and with scarcely any ads contrasted to different search engines. Obviously, you can sign-in with your Microsoft account, associating you to an entire suite of services like Outlook and Office, and even win Microsoft Rewards points for your searches.

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If you like to be eco-friendly, Ecosia is a dependable browser that plants trees with its benefits and has enough protection features to satisfy most users.


Ecosia is a one of kind search engine which uses its benefits to plant trees and store reforestation programs, and it is a CO2 positive business. The generally minimalist homepage even has a live counter appearing how many trees users have planted. The search results are controlled by Bing, so you’ll be getting valuable, reliable outcomes, and there are few ads. There are additionally basic privacy highlights: all searches are SSL-encrypted, your information isn’t sold to promoters, and your inquiry and browsing history isn’t followed.



DuckDuckGo is the best decision for those who need privacy without sacrificing simplicity and ease of use.


There are a huge amount of approaches to attempt to keep your activities on the internet private, however, not all of them are convenient or simple to make a habit of using. If you make the change to DuckDuckGo, you’ll see that it is a no-nonsense option search engine that gives an extra level of privacy without any friction. The homepage and search outcomes pages are spotless and stripped-back.


There are a huge amount of great privacy highlights under the hood, including blocking third-party ad network trackers, expanding encryption protection on websites you visit as a matter by default, not following searches, demonstrating a Privacy Grade for websites you visit, and more.


StartPage offers predominant privacy and even a convenient proxy, however, you’ll need to endure slightly more ads than with some other search engines.


StartPage is all about security. Searches are SSL encrypted and anonymized, search terms are undetectable to the websites you visit, and your IP address, location, and search terms are never recorded. There’s even an intermediary accessible from the search outcomes page: simply click Anonymous View, and you’ll be taken to a reflection of the website you want to visit that’s facilitated by StartPage’s servers.


If you want to customize the settings cookie-free, such as changing to an alternative default language or dark mode, you can spare your preferences by making a custom URL which you can bookmark or set as your homepage. There are a few drawbacks, however, namely more promotions in some cases, yet not significantly more than you’d get with Google in any case.


If you want a search engine that only works, while putting the news you care about front and center: Yahoo is the best approach to go.


Fun fact: Bing really controls Yahoo’s search nowadays. So, you’re getting dependable outcomes and suggestions, generally with minimal ads. The genuine reason to use Yahoo instead of Bing comes down to personal preference with respect to design.


Yahoo offers an encounter you may recall from the good old days of the Internet, with the homepage serving as a hub for news, weather, sports scores, trending topics, and obviously, a connection to your Yahoo Mail account. Give it an attempt if you’re feeling nostalgic and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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