Huawei Proposes US Sanctions are no Major Ordeal, as its ‘Core Technologies’ Stay Intact


Huawei has been in the news throughout a previous couple of days like never before, however, unfortunately for the Chinese tech behemoth, the most recent headlines are not directly identified to the company’s blasting worldwide smartphone sales or dominant mobile administration gear business. Rather than, everyone’s discussing the possible impact of a US boycott that was temporarily lifted not long after being implemented and accepting support from Key chip providers.


Interestingly, Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei rushed to downplay the importance of President Trump’s apparently generous “remain of execution” in a short interview with Chinese state-owned newspaper Global Times. This is the second time since the long-gestating withdraw between the US administration and Huawei heightened that the company’s reclusive head honcho conversed to the press, sending a comparable message of strength in the face of foreign adversity.

Basically, what Ren gives off to be suggesting today is that Huawei didn’t generally need a 90-day “general license” to keep working with US companies like Qualcomm and Intel, having clearly developed an emergency course of action dealing with a boycott that was floating around for quite some time. It’s not entirely clear what measures were taken and what extent they could have kept operations going as usual, yet Ren remains confident US sanctions will not hurt Huawei’s “core technologies” and “core business.”

Nonetheless, the world’s second-biggest smartphone vendor still definitely “needs US-created chipsets”, hoping to keep on working with different American partners which have “contributed a lot to Huawei’s development and demonstrated their conscientiousness on the issue.” In fact, Ren claims various US companies “have been attempting efforts to persuade the US government to give them cooperate with Huawei.”

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That may incorporate Google, which probably doesn’t want rivalry from such a famous mobile hardware manufacturer in the software arena, and different chipmakers that know Huawei could all around become self-reliant in that department generally soon if the situation calls for such a move. In the meantime, it’s pretty obvious Ren Zhengfei is putting a bold face on a very fragile state of affairs that might be costing his company dearly.


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