The Marvelous Kodak Printomatic Camera Will Print Your Photos Instantly


It’s generally all phones all the time for us here, yet every once now and again, a cool device comes along that we just can’t resist the urge to impart with our beautiful readers. The most recent one in this series is the awesome Kodak Printomatic Instant Print camera, and that thing looks so cool, we believe it’s awesome that we get the chance to give one away!


Here’s what it is actually: the Kodak Printomatic Instant Print is a digital camera that can not just take a snap, yet additionally print the photos you take! We know, we know – we’re living in the advanced age, and everything has to occur on a screen of some kind, yet we’re sure that numerous readers still recall the times when we got to really hold photographs in our hands, and there was continually something special about that feeling. I personally recall how we used to treat those genuine, printed-on-paper photos as if they were some sort of precious articles; objects that you’d handle with care when a survey or sharing them (that’s when sharing meant physically giving the photo to a person next to you).

And you know what, possibly we did that on the ground that those photos were valuable. After all, they were a physical sign of memories and occasions involving people near to us and our families. You can’t possibly treat such items disrespectfully, can you?


Also, that’s why we think the Kodak Printomatic Instant Print camera is such a great item. It’s not so much that we’ll all return and forget about our modern digital shots, obviously, however, we’re happy to see the traditional printed photo experience live on and still be a thing. And you know what? That Kodak Printomatic camera is quite high-tech in its very own right! For instance: it utilizes zero ink to print your photos. That’s right – zero ink! rather than, the paper itself is embedded with unique color crystals that activate whenever you snap your picture, thus recreating the image in color (or in grayscale, depending on which mode you pick). How cool is that? What’s more, regardless you get the digital versions of the photos saved money on the camera, so you can even keep them effectively on your computer or phone. You can look at the Printomatic in real life.


Alright, enough about that! Here’s the means by which you can participate in the giveaway for an opportunity to win the Kodak Printomatic Instant Print camera: in the widget given above, you’ll locate a number of simple actions that you can complete, for example, check out Kodak’s Instagram page (@KodakPlus), where you can pursue what those guys are up to these days. Doing just one of the actions allows you a chance to win, however, doing them all will fundamentally increase your chances.

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