Tencent uses Facial Recognition to Verify the User’s Age


The problem of addiction to video games is a big concern in China.

Tencent uses Facial Recognition to Verify the User's Age

A few weeks ago we published a story that talked about how in China it is intended to limit by law the time children play. Now, is it possible to apply it? According to new information, of course, it will not be due to lack of efforts of the main companies in the Asian market. In this sense, today we have learned that Tencent is using a facial recognition system to verify the age of the users of their launches.

This movement is not the first one given by the software giant. As we read in Game Industry, Tencent already introduced a limit of daily hours for some of its titles last year. For example, children under 12 can only enjoy one hour each day of Honor of Kings, two hours in case of children under 18 years. Also, more recently, a real name recognition application was added to the game to discourage users from avoiding restrictions.

The age verification system does not clarify very well how it will work. Yes, it is stated that it will be limited to tests on a few thousand users randomly residing in the cities of Beijing and Shenzhen.

This matter is a real concern for the People’s Republic. Not only for issues of addiction but also for health in the face of the increase of young people with myopia that has led the Chinese government to toughen the laws in this field.

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