Spotify app is about to be released for Xbox


At least that is what shows an image that is circulating on the internet. The Twitter profile of the Windows Club galley posted a print where the profile of Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson, was listening to music through the Spotify Music – for Xbox. First of all, we need to understand the situation.

Major Nelson, if you do not know, is the boss of Microsoft’s online service, one of the most important figures in the Xbox family. He is well known among the players of the platform and gives a lot of attention to Brazil. Well, during the Build 2017 conference, aimed at developers, Microsoft announced Spotify for Windows 10.

Spotify app is about to be released for Xbox

However, the music streaming app was not available for the Xbox platform, which is in line with the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) philosophy. The UWP guideline says that every application or game developed by Microsoft and its partners must be multi-platform, that is, compatible with Windows for desktop, for mobile and also for Xbox.

However, Spotify was released for Windows 10 but not for Xbox, which left everyone confused. Now, with this image circulating on the web, it is more than clear that yes, Microsoft is working on a Spotify client for Xbox. But probably it is still in testing stage internally.

Some people have questioned the name “Spotify Music” claiming that the name of the app is just Spotify. However, in Windows Store, the name of the streaming application really is Spotify Music. Now it’s just a matter of time for the application to launch.

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