Misleading advertising! MPDFT forces NET and Claro to clarify use of “fiber optics”


ClaroThe Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Federal District and Territories (MPDFT) recently obtained an injunction that compels NET and Claro to clarify to their fixed broadband customers something confusing that has been carried on various corporate advertisements including fiber optic technology.

With a fine of up to $ 35 million, if the decision is breached, companies will have to detail important information that has been omitted about the use of technology, which actually does not actually reach their customers’ homes.

After analyzing advertisements carried by the Claro group, it was clear that companies highlighted fiber optics as a major differentiator (not only for connection stability but also for security), concluded the TJDFT (Federal District and Territories Court).

Judge Julio Roberto dos Reis said, however, that the advertisements are incomplete, as they omit important data, implying that the data transmission is made entirely by optical fiber – which is not the case.

In fact, the vast majority of cities adopt for the services of Claro and NET a standard called HFC, which uses fiber optics only to the pole and coaxial cable from the pole to the customer’s home.

There is even a company service where optical fiber is fully used, but it is very recent, so it has coverage in very few cities (but the difference in download and upload speed is absurd when compared to HFC technology).

In addition, companies will have 45 days to correct their advertising, explaining the “true” scope of fiber optics.

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It is noteworthy that Claro is not the only one that offers optical fiber omitting important information – Vivo Fibra (formerly GVT) does the same thing, but adopts ADSL or VDSL technology instead of coaxial cable.

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