Ingenious Snapchat campaign wants to tell you that Instagram is just a popularity contest


SnapchatSnapchat follows well after good numbers in early 2019, to the point of betting on a bold ad campaign implying with Instagram.

The company has selected some rival network profiles to spread famous messages from artists and public people about the true value of friendship. She didn’t post these pokes on her official platform profile, well, she doesn’t have one.

After this first move, she bet on even bolder pieces including billboards, print ads in newspapers and magazines, as well as online in several countries over the coming months.

The idea would be to warn people that Instagram, despite having invested heavily in the feature of stories, is not yet a platform for people like Snapchat, but a popularity contest.

In fact, Instagram was born as a lifestyle-driven social network by posting photos. More and more it was gaining commercial tools, and the stories came after a long time. The yellow ghost, in turn, was born as a temporary photo service to be viewed only by friends who added themselves to accompany the life of friends and colleagues.

The Facebook product eventually popularized influencers, people who sell lifestyle ideals or social, environmental, or political aspirations, or those who tie their strong image to products and basically live on it, which leads to a recharacterization of the process.

In any case, Snapchat’s campaign comes at a good time for the company: In the last fiscal quarter the platform saw its number of users grow by 12%, and now it has 203 million active people in the app. Revenues in 2019 alone have reached $ 388 million.

Remember, Instagram has invested in tools to make the photo network healthier: a system to help with bullying has been put in place, as well as the end of the photo likes counter.

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Snapchat, in turn, has redesigned its Android app and has experienced good acceptance on the Play Store ever since.



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