Huawei P30 Pro is the Only Camera You Need


As a technology analyst, friends and family regularly turn to me for advice on what device to purchase. For quite a long time, it was usually an issue of whether they should purchase the most recent Galaxy or iPhone, yet a year ago, Huawei got added to the discussion in a major way with the P20 Pro.

Huawei P30 Pro

The P20 Pro was apparently Huawei’s breakout device. Every company has one of these – for Samsung, the Galaxy S III stirred the world’s eyes to the company’s product line – and keeping in mind that Huawei was at that point an enormous player, the P20 Pro was when the world really took notice. Contrasted with the Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6, the P20 Pro’s camera was producing photos in low light that wouldn’t be matched by anyone until Google almost a half year later.

But when i used Huawei P30 Pro and after using it for the past 3 months, my answer is a resounding yes, however, it does come with specific caveats appended. Here’s why the P30 Pro is the phone I recommend to everyone.

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

The P30 Pro is the Main camera you need

There is no ideal smartphone, yet the P30 Pro has everything you’d want from a flagship. All the more significantly, it has the best smartphone camera I’ve ever used, and the just a single you’ll ever need.

The only camera you need

Surprise, surprise, I cherish the P30 Pro camera. Here’s the thing – I have every 2019 flagship in my ownership, yet when I want a reliable camera that can do everything, I generally turn to the P30 Pro.

Why? That’s simple: it apparently has everything. Pixel 3 is unimaginable in low light thanks to Night Sight however comes up short on the more extensive field of view and various cameras. The Galaxy S10 is an incredible all-rounder however falls a long ways behind in the zoom division. Gadgets like the Oppo Reno offer 10x zoom however fail to hit different zones that the P30 Pro does.

Huawei P30 Pro camera

The P30 Pro’s greatest quality is its flexibility. The day after the P30 Pro propelled in Paris in March, I was using it to take photos of the Eiffel Tower and different Paris landmarks. In the 15 years since I was toward  the end in in Paris, the major sights haven’t changed, however, phones like the P30 Pro are changing how we catch these memories.

The camera isn’t perfect, yet the positives far exceed the imperfections. If you adore taking selfies, purchase a Pixel 3 as the P30 Pro’s fixed front-facing camera will leave you feeling baffled. Similarly, I baffled the way the Master AI algorithm changes saturation and difference for increasingly vivid colors, yet you may lean toward the more common photographs caught by different phones. Fortunately, the P30 Pro is more than just a camera with phone parts, it’s likewise an astounding phone.

Huawei P30 Pro Bottom Line You Should Buy It

I’ve utilized the P30 Pro in the USA for a quarter of a year, and it’s easy to suggest it. I’ve used it on both AT&T and T-Mobile, and it works flawlessly, impeccably, yet won’t get to specific highlights like Wi-Fi calling. It supports all the bands you’ll need for both of those systems or any MVNOs that run on those GSM networks. I likewise attempted it with Verizon, which demonstrated an intriguing test. It did pick up an LTE signal yet isn’t provisioned for use on Verizon, so you won’t  probably be able to activate your service.

Huawei P30 Pro

There’s no such thing as an ideal phone, yet the P30 Pro leaves me wanting far not exactly different phones. That said, technology moves fast and we’re going to hit the following flood of smartphone launches. Will Galaxy Note 10 draw me once more into its orbit? Will the Mate 30 series push the limits considerably further? The Pixel 3 did something amazing with one camera so what can Google do with various lenses in the Pixel 4? I can’t wait to find out, yet for now, the P30 Pro remains the main phone I need.

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