German zoo uses Snapchat to illustrate species extinction


The Cologne Zoo and Snap Inc have announced a new Augmented Reality experience based on the Snapchat app to stimulate reflection on wildlife preservation through individual and corporate actions.

Through the project, visitors will be able to use Snapchat’s Marker technology to check out Oct. 28 for virtual installations that will feature instinct threatened animals such as Asian elephants, Siberian tigers, and Filipino crocodiles.

In the experiment, empty cages and an access code will be presented so that the animal that should initially be there can be seen directly on the user’s smartphone screen, lifting the staff before it is too late to preserve these and other animals around the animal. world.

In addition, the zoo and Snapchat will also be collecting donations for species preservation projects and will be expanded from November onwards for all German Snapchatters to interact with the same animals, even if they cannot (or will not) go to the zoo. zoo for the experience.

According to Liane Siebenhaar, creative strategy leader DA-CH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) of Snap Inc, who was part of the team that worked on this project in Germany, the idea behind the project is to show the dark future that can be reserved if there are no movements for the preservation of species.

“With this lens, we want to show people the dark future if zoo work and conservation efforts like the ones we support at the Cologne zoo fail and those animals cease to exist. As a mother, I naturally wonder in which world I want my daughter to grow up. A future where you depend on technology to see animals that should exist in real life would not be the version I would choose. ”

There are no confirmed plans to expand the project to other countries or zoos yet, but anyone interested in helping with donations to the German zoo can do so via the link below.

So what did you think about the project between Köelner Zoo and Snapchat? Tell us in the comments!

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