Facebook and CVV announce new Messenger bot to help prevent suicide


Facebook Facebook has partnered with the Life Valuation Center (CVV) to launch a bot in Messenger, with a focus on streamlining care and prioritizing those looking for information on suicide prevention.

The feature uses Artificial Intelligence developed by Nama.ai, with ready answers to administrative questions – such as volunteering or contributing to the entity. Emotional support and direct prevention are activities that will continue to be restricted to the 3,000 CVV volunteers.

According to Elaine Macedo, a volunteer and spokeswoman for the Center for Life Valuation, the organization seeks to balance the use of new technological resources with the care provided by humans, with the objective of generating more work efficiency.

“The CVV has always sought in a contemporary way to use new technologies in balance with human care that enables a meeting between people, to efficiently receive those seeking help. 57 years ago, when CVV was founded, the telephone was a technology for the few, and was already a medium used by the entity. Just like we were the first suicide prevention organization to use chat on our website as a service a few years ago. ”

Elaine Macedo

CVV Volunteer and Spokesperson

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How to access the bot?

The bot can be accessed through the CVV’s official website ( at this link ), after clicking on “Send Message”. Facebook and Messenger apps can be downloaded from the cards below the text.

Price: Free+


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