Beta phase Google Drive now allows offline access to PDFs and Office files in G Suite


Google DriveGoogle Drive is a handy tool for saving files in the cloud. Documents created with G Suite, such as texts, spreadsheets, and presentations, are conveniently stored there for quick access to any device, and can also be queried and edited offline with subsequent synchronization with the servers.

This is a very interesting feature, and the good news is that it should be expanded soon for various types of files.

So you can be sure that that PDF text or that JPG photo will be there even if the internet is not. Even Office documents should be made compatible with the feature, as per the company’s own announcement on the G Suite update blog.

Until then it was only possible to access all files without the internet if a company program was downloaded. It syncs your folder in the cloud with the hard drive, but this is inconvenient because it causes entire folders of your backups to be synchronized, not just selected files.

Initially, this new possibility is being taken to the group of users who either pay or have a personalized Google account, granted by a company. Often helpful productivity features are tested first among Google service payers, but the subsequent release is a matter of time.

The novelty is only compatible with Chrome and still does not work on ChromeOS.

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It is worth remembering, in 2019, for the first time, the G Suite suffered a price increase. This, however, was small for the myriad of features and tools that the package offers.



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