Abstract Brings OnePlus’s Lovely Wallpapers to Any Android Phone


If you’ve at any point been envious of the delightful wallpapers that come on the OnePlus phones, you’ll need to grab this app. The abstract is another app from the honor-winning artist Hampus Olsson who created wallpapers for each OnePlus device starting with the OnePlus 2 right to the new OnePlus 7 Pro.


Olsson declared Abstract early this morning with a tweet delineating that the app incorporates 300+ wallpapers in 4K resolution.



All the things considered, you just approach around 150 wallpapers for free. To open every one of the 300, it requires paying $1.99 to open the pro version. Alongside opening the remainder of the wallpapers, you’ll likewise have the ability to most loved wallpapers and have an approach to all upcoming wallpapers.

The app itself is basic with a spotless design, however, it lacks a portion of some of the advanced highlights we’ve come to appreciate from other wallpaper apps, for example,  automatically changing your wallpaper day by day. There’s no way to avoid it however, in case you’re a fan of Olsson’s work, this is the best and easiest approach to get your hands on his collection.


The name Abstract is clearly a statement of words for the word “abstract.” This can make looking for the app somewhat a little difficult in the Play Store, for the most part since Google supposes you’re misspelling abstract. Fortunately, you can pursue the link below and begin enjoying all that new sight to behold on your phone, regardless of whether you don’t have a OnePlus phone.

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More than 300 4K abstract wallpapers from award-winning artist Hampus Olsson are incorporated into his new Abstract app. Olsson is known for his work with OnePlus where he has planned wallpapers for the company going back to the OnePlus 2 all the way to the new OnePlus 7 Pro. Presently, you can get all of those wonderful wallpapers and all the more together in one app, with access to more than 100 for free.

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