Xiaomi MIUI 12.5 global is less optimized and offers fewer features than the Chinese version


Xiaomi MIUI 12.5Xiaomi introduced in December the newest version of its interface for Android, MIUI 12.5. Available on the same day in beta for its Chinese consumers, the software brought several optimizations and interesting features, such as MIUI +, a competitor for the “Your Phone” of the partnership between Samsung and Microsoft, the acclaimed Super Wallpapers, which debuted with Mi 10 Ultra, new sounds based on Nature and more.

About two months later, in early February, Xiaomi then started recruiting users for testing the global version of MIUI 12.5. Owners of devices like the Mi 10T Pro and the Redmi Note 9T had the opportunity to test the interface first hand, which officially arrives on an extensive list of the brand’s phones starting in March.

However, as discovered by the NotebookCheck website, users of the global variant should not be too satisfied. That’s because the Chinese version of the manufacturer’s ROM ends up with more optimizations and offers more features than the system being made available around the world.

Starting with optimizations, we know that Xiaomi has guaranteed a 35% drop in memory usage in the background and a 25% reduction in energy consumption for the Chinese MIUI. In the global version of the software, the company promised only 22% in the fall in memory usage and 15% in energy consumption, significant differences of 13% and 10%, respectively, compared to the Chinese version.

The situation is further complicated when we take into account the resources offered to global users. Although foreign markets also receive Super Wallpapers, improvements in the notes app and less bloatware, changes in the animation system, some privacy features, the sounds of Nature, and even MIUI + are exclusive to China.

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Aware of the situation, many users and sites on the Internet have been calling the global version of the software “Lite”, given its limitations. At least so far, there is no official explanation for downgrades.


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