Telegram is condemned in Israel for not being effective in combating piracy on its platform


Telegram Telegram, an application that was considered the most downloaded in the world during the month of January in the main mobile app stores, was condemned in Israel for not currently effective in combating piracy on its platform.

The case has been going on since February 2020, when ZIRA – an anti-piracy group that has its headquarters in Israel – filed a complaint against the app, not adequately combating piracy on the platform. According to the group, the messenger was not effective in preventing its users from sharing movies, series, and music illegally on the network.

According to the information attached to the file, ZIRA reported that some groups that committed the crime on Telegram still charged money for sharing pirated files. As a result, the group asked the application to act to stop the actions, in addition to blocking groups that were used for these purposes.

At the time, the company volunteered to meet the demand and reported that it had removed such channels or forced its administrators to remove the reported content based on a list that was provided by ZIRA.

At the time, this measure was accepted, but apparently, that has changed in recent days. This is because, almost a year later, the group reopened the process and requested a new hearing because the measures adopted by Telegram were inefficient and did not achieve the expected result. “They prevented the sharing of films, partially or totally, but not immediately, and not in a way that satisfies us,” explained the lawyer who defended the accusers.

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Now, as Telegram did not present a defense in time until last weekend, the messenger was convicted and received an injunction that forbids him from providing conditions that allow pirated content to be shared on the app. In addition, you must also pay a compensation of NIS 100 thousand (about R $ 165 thousand indirect conversions) and another NIS 60 thousand (R $ 99 thousand) to pay the costs of the process.


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