Xiaomi displays Mi Note 10 teaser with five cameras and 108 MP sensor; know more


mi xiaomiThe rumor was correct! Xiaomi has just confirmed the return of its popular mid-decade smartphone lineup with the new Mi Note 10, the first five-camera 108-MP sensor smartphone.

The confirmation came from the company itself, which posted on its social networks an image with five circles that would allude to the five rear cameras of the device. Still stating that “a new era of smartphones is now”, the company said the camera’s main sensor will be 108 MP.

Yes, you’ve seen a Xiaomi smartphone with five cameras and a 108 MP sensor.

A few days ago leaks and official Xiaomi publications have circulated about an unannounced company device with five rear cameras and a 108 MP resolution main sensor. 

And linking one end to the other is not difficult to decipher the puzzle. Apparently, Xiaomi should present the CC9 Pro in the Chinese market with this nomenclature, but in the international market such as the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and regions of Asia itself, the handset should be called Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

Chinese manufacturers are known to offer the same smartphone model with different names outside of China. While in their home country companies are targeting more familiar local audiences, they try to explore the international market with more popular and globally known names.

In the image above you can see an officially publicized image published by Xiaomi on Weibo and we can notice the set of five rear cameras and the inscription of the 108 MP main sensor, the presence of four flashes and another inscription revealing the 5x optical zoom.

This reinforces that the CC9 Pro and Mi Note 10 must be the same device, but Xiaomi must anticipate the global announcement of the Mi Note 10 to stand out in the global scenario, soon to introduce the CC9 Pro in the Chinese market.

The leaks suggest that the CC9 Pro will feature Snapdragon 730G chipset, 45W fast-charging 4,000mAh battery, 32MP front camera and up to 8GB of RAM with 256GB of internal memory. There is a possibility for Xiaomi to introduce the Mi Note 10 with even better hardware, perhaps offering a Snapdragon 855 chipset, but this is still uncertain.

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The company has not confirmed the Mi Note 10 announcement date, but new details should come at any time!

Source: twitter


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