Windows 10 receives emergency update to fix bugs in games and “blue screen of death”


Windows 10We previously reported that a Windows 10 update caused several problems for gamers, including reports of blue screen and unstable performance. Today Microsoft has finally released an update that should, at least in theory, fix these problems. Now see how to install it and what changes with it.

The update in question is being released on an emergency basis after several users complained on Microsoft forums, Reddit, and Twitter about a noticeable drop in performance and instability in Windows 10 after installing a later update.

The new version is being distributed to Windows 10 2004 and 20H2 users automatically, but it may take a while for all compatible computers to receive it, as these fixes are usually released in “waves”.

In a statement, Microsoft says:

A small subset of users reported underperforming gaming performance after installing KB5000842 or later updates. Most affected users claim that the problem occurs in full screen or windowless borderless mode or when using two or more monitors.

According to the company, the problem was solved through KIR (Know Issue Rollback) and is already being distributed to several devices and should be available to most users within 24 hours. The company even gives a tip to receive the correction in case you are in a hurry:

Restarting the system can help the fix to apply to your device more quickly.

The quoted KIR in question is responsible for disabling the part of the update code that is causing the problem. Basically, it restores the code from the previous version of Windows without removing the latest security fixes. This way the system continues with the most recent protections while removing the problems of the update.

To check if the fix is ​​already available, go to Settings> Update and Security and tap the “Check for updates” button.

Again, bug: Windows 10 update causes “blue screen of death” and gaming problems

And it seems that some Windows 10 users don’t have a week of peace. Last week Kaspersky reported a serious security breach in Microsoft’s system. Now users are reporting a new bug that appears to have been caused by the latest Patch Tuesday update.

Most reports claim that after installing the update, the computer has inconsistent screen refresh rates, unstable FPS, problems with VSync, especially when playing heavy titles like Doom Ethernal and others. Not to mention the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, which is appearing after update KB5001330 is installed.

KB5001330 Bad Gaming Performance from Windows10

The new update was released on April 14 and is already reaching many computers automatically and the bugs do not appear to be limited to specific hardware, as the reports cover PCs with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

For now, the only way to avoid these problems is to uninstall the update, which is not recommended by default, as it also corrects some problems seen in previous versions, in addition to including new security settings for the system.

Anyway, if you want to uninstall the update because you have some of the problems described, just go to:

  • Settings> Update and Security> View update history

In the list click on “Uninstall updates” and then:

  • Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5001330)

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An Uninstall button will be displayed when selecting this option. Just click on it and follow the instructions to remove this update from the system.

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