VLC 4 arrives in 2021 with great news for the interface and a web version


VLC 4VLC is one of the most famous video players for Windows thanks to the versatility of format reproduction. However, some will agree that the interface seems to have stopped in time, right?

To their relief, VideoLAN, which develops the software, is planning a major visual change to the player with the VLC 4 update, which will arrive sometime in 2021.

This news is told by Jean-Baptiste Kempf, the company’s president, in an interview. There are no screenshots or details about this redesign, but other interesting information was revealed: the application will receive a web version.

Currently, with plugins, it is already possible to bring the VLC experience to Chromium-based browsers, but the new VideoLAN player will be developed in WebAssembly and JavaScript. With that, the user will have the option to launch local content through a website, which can be useful for smartphones, or even computers.

As part of VLC Web, it will also be possible to have greater online integration, which indicates that users will be able to have a service similar to what PLEX is today. We do not know, however, whether users will be able to set up private libraries online, or whether the service will natively have free or paid content.

Regarding the launch date of these new products, Kempf does not go beyond saying that the products will show up in 2021. This precaution and caution may indicate that the first semester would be a very hasty forecast to wait for these launches.

Remember, last month VLC added support to run on Macs with the Apple Silicon M1 chip.

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How about you, use VLC, and are you excited about the news to come? Tell us in the comments!

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