Vivo TV adds electronic legend on 13 channels of movies and grids series


VivoLast Tuesday (18), Vivo TV added the electronic caption feature in another 13 channels of its grid. The inserts are part of the series and film genres.

Among the channels on the list are groups such as FOX and HBO. The arrival of the feature allows the user to choose when to place or remove the caption of the program. See the following additions:

  • AXN
  • Warner
  • Cinemax
  • HBO
  • MAX Up
  • MAX
  • Discovery World HD
  • FOX Life HD
  • FOX Premium 1 HD
  • FOX Premium 2 HD
  • Studio Universal HD
  • TruTV HD
  • Cinemax HDVivo TV

Two types of caption

Note that there are currently two types of captions possible to add to the pay-TV grid. The first is the one that is inserted in the screen, without the possibility of being withdrawn.

The second one is electronics. This category allows the subscriber to insert the caption in the image or not, by means of a button pressed on the remote control. In addition, it also supports high-definition (HD) image quality.

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Previous cases

Last week, Claro TV also included electronic subtitles on more of its channels. In all, there were three broadcasters from HBO contemplated: Cinemax, MAX and PAX Prime.


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