Vivo S5 comes with exotic diamond-shaped camera module; check out


Vivo S5The next variant of the Vivo S smartphone lineup has just been shown in a promotional video from Esquire magazine in China, revealing not only one of the main colors of the product but also its different camera module format.

As companies introduce their circular, square and even triangular camera sets, it seems that the living Chinese manufacturer wants to stand out and differentiate itself from the rest of the competition by betting on a set of diamond-shaped rear cameras.

In the video posted on the social network Weibo, it can be noted that the singer Cai Xukun has the device in hand, but clearly tries to avoid showing more of the device, probably because it is a promotional action of Vivo in conjunction with the magazine.

In the screenshots below we can see that the device will have a back cover with gradient colors from white on the sides to a bluish tint in the center. The camera region offers at least three main sensors, two centered and one on the left, while the LED flash is on the right.

But it is also possible to notice one more element when the camera captures the most open image, and although it is probably no longer a photographic sensor, it is also not possible to guarantee in detail what such an extra point would be below the camera set.

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There is no release yet for the new Vivo S5, as the Chinese press is calling the diamond-shaped camera device, but new details about the sensor suite and the smartphone’s own hardware are expected to emerge in the coming weeks.

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