OnePlus 7T is taken apart and shows if the “manhole cover” camera was really needed


OnePlus 7TAfter passing the endurance test, the OnePlus 7T was disassembled and had its internal parts exposed in a teardown. The experiment was conducted by JerryRigEverything on YouTube.

One of the objectives for the cutting was to show whether the existence of the manhole cover camera was really necessary, or was it just an aesthetic option from the manufacturer. Check out the following results:

Main results

The highlight of the video is proof that the circular shape of the camera was made for visual purposes only. This is because, inside, the areas that form the circle around the three cameras are empty.

Another feature of the device discovered at teardown is the presence of several red ribbons around the connectors, or on the rubbers that allows the smartphone to be protected against water and dust.

In addition, when disassembled, it was possible to verify that its speaker set is actually formatted by three sound outputs. In addition to the one on the bottom of the device, there are two more on the top – one larger to make a louder sound than usual.

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It is important to emphasize that this experiment is not recommended to do at home with your device. In addition to the dangers of damaging any part of the phone, you may lose the warranty and also the water and dust resistant protection by removing the main cover.

Source: youtube


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