Unity is strength! TIM and Vivo will share cellular network in 2.7 thousand cities


Vivo The operators TIM and Vivo announced yesterday to the market the closing of two contracts for sharing cellular networks, thus concluding a negotiation that took almost 5 months to happen.

Thanks to this partnership, they will both begin to split 2G coverage and create 3G and 4G unified networks (called single grid) in cities with less than 30,000 inhabitants, thus allowing both to save resources and increase signal availability and give more customer support for both carriers.

According to a statement sent by the companies to the Securities Commission (CVM), it is expected that 400 new cities will be covered in the first year of the contract, thus revealing the potential benefits linked to the agreement.

One of the main points mentioned in the contracts is directly related to the creation of a unified network based on 2G technology with the potential to serve 2.7 thousand cities, with the shutdown of stations that may generate overlap, besides freeing up the spectrum to be used in new technologies.

As for the latest technologies (ie 3G and 4G), the proposal is that both work together in cities with less than 30,000 inhabitants, and can be done in two ways: if one already operates, the signal may be used by the other or if both operate, be turned off for later sharing of the other

With this, both operators will have obligations and equivalent movements in both cases, that is, when there is an expansion of regions, both will do the same amount and, if the disconnection occurs, the city cake will be split in half as well.

It should be noted that, even though the agreement between the two has occurred, it is still necessary for CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense) to approve the negotiation, something that according to the operators should not be a problem considering that both will maintain commercial autonomy and management of customers independently, not including a unification of

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So what do you think about the idea of ​​operators working together to grow the network? Tell us in the comments!

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