Germany postpones law vote that may ban Huawei from 5G network


5G networkWe recently saw that one of Germany’s top carriers chose Huawei as its 5G technology provider. The decision followed the direction of Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s government, which chose not to implement US security recommendations.

However, a bill tabled by lawmakers wants to ban the use of Chinese equipment altogether. The move has been worrying Berlin officials and is blocking Huawei’s device certification.

For this reason, the conservative Angela Merkel party and the other associations decided to postpone until January 2020 the vote on the controversial bill. The intention is to find a negotiated solution. Social Democrat MP Jens Zimmermann said:

I think we will reach a decision by January, when we have a decisive plan for our future course of action.

So far, there is no consensus among members of the Merkel administration. While some argue that China has no barriers to operating in Germany, others believe no supplier should control more than 50% of the 5G network. In addition, many believe that the rules should be stricter for non-European companies.

Most German operators currently use Huawei equipment on the 4G. Therefore, in a joint statement, the companies stated that China’s total ban should postpone the activation of 5G “for a few years”. This is because the company offers the most cost-effective in the market.

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For now, the German government is trying to negotiate with the parliament to avoid further problems. Meanwhile, Huawei has argued that it is an independent company of the Chinese regime. China’s foreign ministry has threatened to retaliate against Germany if Huawei is banned there.


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