Ubisoft Presents an Infographic of Far Cry 5


In six months, the community has traveled almost 300 billion kilometers in the game.

If we translate the six months that Far Cry 5 has available in data, we will find information as curious as turkeys have caused deaths worth about a third of the population of Montana. This is how Ubisoft explains it in a recent infographic full of feats as absurd as fun.

Among other things, Hope County has covered 290 billion kilometers globally and has witnessed the fishing of 230 million fish. Needless to say, how many generations of them would be necessary to repopulate it, of course. It does not seem that the game has gone bad outside the virtual environment, either: Far Cry 5 became the best-selling in the United States in the first half of 2018.

You can play Far Cry 5 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you have not done it yet and would like to contrast opinions before testing it, we encourage you to visit the analysis of Far Cry 5 that our colleague Álvaro Castellano closed The following form: “The new video game of the series becomes strong in all the elements that characterize the brand and, although it does not risk too much in its ideas, it achieves a very good result”.

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