Ubisoft, looking for small partners and competitive games


The editor believes that it is difficult to jointly develop large brands and games.

Ubisoft, looking for small partners and competitive games

In an interview with Game Informer, executive Serge Hascoet of Ubisoft has addressed several topics of interest related to the editor. One of them was the possibility of seeing new games as a result of collaboration with external teams, such as Call of Juarez(Techland) or Far Cry (Crytek): it seems that Ubisoft has no interest in covering many projects of this type today.

“The current focus of attention is internal development,” explains Hascoet. “We do not say no, but we do not look for external development allies with special interest right now, we are open to smaller opportunities if we find ourselves in a favorable situation with a smaller team we create in. This is what we are looking for: a small Stall, with a small ambition, but with the highest production quality “.

It seems that Ubisoft also maintains interest in eSports, probably with the intention of expanding the success achieved with Rainbow Six: Siege. “We also look for partners to work in sports games, like R6, we do not look for comrades to develop big worlds or brands, because it is hard “concludes the executive.

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