Red Dead Redemption 2: How are the subtitles in General?


In TechWikies we had the opportunity to try the video game, finally. We talk about size, color and everything you need to know.

Red Dead Redemption 2: How are the subtitles in General?

One of the usual workhorses of Rockstar video games is the subtitles. Some consider them too small, others think that the choice of colors is not usually adequate. Well, we have news about Red Dead Redemption 2. Some are good, others not so much.

Let’s start with the second ones. The size of the subtitles is the usual of the Rockstar games, maybe something small compared to the releases of other studios. Although in my look at the video game I had no problem reading them, I must also point out that I was playing on a television of a generous size. There will be no possibility to modify its size.

The good news? In general, they are very positive, and one of them comes to mitigate precisely the issue of size. Yes it is true that in a video game such as GTA V or the original Red Dead Redemption of 2010 the color of the subtitles gave problems to differentiate it from the background. On this occasion, Rockstar has opted because the texts are on a slightly dark background that favors highlighting them. The background only emerges contextually when someone speaks and is very small, only exceeds in a few millimeters that of the text itself so as not to obstruct the vision, but the contrast helps a lot to its readability.

Red Dead Redemption 2: How are the subtitles in General?

On the other hand, and continuing with the subject of subtitles, there are also several options for how to display on the screen. If we want total immersion we can choose to deactivate them completely. On the other hand, if we want to enjoy the world and only be aware of the fair and necessary history, we can choose to only be in the cinematics and the capital parts of the title. And, finally, we can also choose the usual style of having everything with texts in Spanish: cinematics, conversations, etcetera.

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