Together and shallow now! Tidal invests in technology and announces integration with Waze and Sony


TidalTidal, the global music, and entertainment streaming platform have been pushing hard to compete with applications like Spotify and Deezer. After doing an exclusive show for subscribers in Sao Paulo with the singers Lexa and David, comes another news.

From now on, thanks to the integration with Waze, it will be possible to consume all the content of the platform without having to leave the traffic app on the way. That means you can listen to songs, playlists, and all Tidal audio content while driving, and the feature is available in Android and iOS versions.

Another new partner of Tidal is Sony. The Japanese electronics giant has joined the music platform for 360 Reality Audio. Music experience uses the spatial audio technology of a branded handset and promotes 360-degree sound, which enhances user immersion.

Each track is included directly in the app in its iOS and Android versions. The feature is available to HiFi level subscribers who enjoy high-quality audio and Master Quality Authenticated.

 Listening to music is an important part of the driving experience and TIDAL wants to make this process as safe and perfect as possible. Through partnering with Waze, members can enjoy the high quality sound of TIDAL while traveling in a single app “Lior Tibon, TO’s COO.

To enable Tidal in Waze, you need to select the music icon on the map and select the app. If the icon does not appear, just go to the settings, choose the audio player and add TIDAL.

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Once added, there will be a widget that lets you play, pause and skip tracks without leaving Waze, just like other apps. After the inclusion of Tidal, users will have access to a banner with a quick action tutorial.


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