Stricter YouTube: Google Announces New Supervised Mode for Teenagers


YouTubeYouTube is the largest video portal in the world and with great powers comes great responsibilities, especially when the content is viewed by minors. With that in mind, Google today announced the new YouTube supervised mode for teens. Now see what changes when it is activated.

YouTube’s new supervised mode aims to give more control to parents of teenagers who want to use the app. The integration between accounts will be done by the family management of the Google Account, which already allows restricting the installation of applications and the use of the cell phone.

The supervised model will have 3 different categories:

  • Explore: YouTube says this category is ideal for children over 9 years old. In it, the user will be able to view videos of vlogs, tutorials, game videos, music videos, news, and more themes. However, it will not be possible to see live broadcasts, except for premieres.
  • Explore more: This category already includes videos for teenagers over 13. This means that some of them may contain explicit violence, non-explicit sexual references, issues related to general health and well-being. This category also includes all videos and live premieres from the Explore category.
  • Most of YouTube: The third category includes almost all YouTube videos. It is possible to see live streams and videos with more mature content, such as graphic violence, nudity, profanity, sexual health, and other topics that are only recommended for older teenagers, but it does not include videos with censorship for children under 18.

In addition to the categories, parents will be able to manage search history and view these accounts. Finally, supervised accounts will not be able to comment on videos, participate in live chats, post content or use other YouTube applications, such as YouTube Music, TV, and Studio. Personalized ads and incognito mode are also disabled for them.

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Thus, supervised accounts will also not be able to access Shorts, which will arrive on YouTube in the US in March this year. Children will be able to continue using YouTube Kids as normal, as it already applies restrictions by default.

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