Sony Recruits Staff to work on PS5 Marketing


They find a job offer that mentions the next console.

Sony Recruits Staff to work on PS5 Marketing

There are only a few weeks until Xbox One and PS4 are five years old in stores, but while we look back, Microsoft and Sony are already looking forward: from the Reseteraforums, they report on a new job offer from Sony where they are looking for a ” senior product manager “for” the [development and advertising] campaign of the next generation of PlayStation.”

What is perhaps even more interesting is that this offer was issued on Linkedin just one day after a Sony executive said that ” new generation ” hardware is needed. Although Sony has not directly mentioned PS5 recently, it seems an open secret that at this point the company is preparing to present it to the public.

The question that remains in the air is, “when will we see the PS5 ad ?” We know that this year there will be no PlayStation Experience, so E3 2019 could perhaps be the right place to talk about it. Of course, all we can do until then is to be alert to possible clues.

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