Sony prepares Update News for the PlayStation 4


The news was mentioned by Sony itself.

The Sony is preparing a major update to the system PlayStation 4, and some people can already test the features that will be included in the system 5.0 console.

Through a blog post on PlayStation Brazil, the company has revealed some news of the beta, which will be tested by some selected users of Sony.

Sony prepares Update News for the PlayStation 4

Check out below some news of what is to come for PS4:

Parental control

Sony has changed the features of the family on PS4. With this, it is possible to configure PSN accounts for children and still customize the settings of parents. Adults will be able to choose what children can access on the console.

Friend’s list

Through the so-called “Custom Lists” you can customize the lists of friends. In this way, the player can group friends in any way he wants.

Sony prepares Update News for the PlayStation 4

Live broadcast

Content broadcasts through PS4 have been updated, so community owners can leverage a stream to the community from the new version of the system.

The owners of PS4 Pro, with the release of version 5.0 of the console system will be able to broadcast games at 1080p 60fps in the Twitch.

Notification system

With the update, you can turn off notifications while the PS4 is used. To complete, they have gained privacy mode, and can only display a generic “You received a message” prompt on the screen, thereby not displaying the details about the sender. In addition, you’ll be able to change the notification colors, which may appear on both white and black backgrounds.

Faster menu

The Quick Menu, which is accessible while users are playing, is more useful. It can view the progress of downloads and installations, as well as new group invitations, notifications, among other things.

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