Samsung Needs More Time to ‘Stabilize’ the Galaxy Fold, Making a June Release Unlikely


We generally realized it would take quite some time for foldable mobile devices to break into the mainstream and reach wide-scale worldwide adoption, however, we never thought we’d have to hang tight so long for the primary batch of these game-changing items to go from official declaration to (limited) commercial release.


After all, Samsung appeared pretty confident back in February that the Galaxy Fold could hit US stores before the end of April, while Huawei more than once promised the Mate X would see light in June, at any rate in the tech giant’s country. Obviously, a ton of unforeseen situations unfolded (a play on words planned) from that point forward, endangering the very presence of the Huawei Mate X, just as driving Samsung to return to the planning board and rapidly try to make sense of approaches to improve the perseverance of an inherently imperfect structure.

June is Just a Pipe Dream

In spite of the fact that it’s true that the company’s executives never explicitly said the Galaxy Fold would be (re-) released one month from now, CEO Koh Dong-Jin positively indicated towards that direction a couple of weeks ago, claiming a “conclusion” on the modified timeline was arriving in a “several days.” That was clearly not the case, and as per another Yonhap News report (translated), we may need to sit tight an extra couple of weeks for Samsung to eventually reach its “conclusion.”


That’s on the ground that the company quickly identified the reason of the phone’s terrible breakdowns at the hands of select reviewers, bloggers, and influencers (as we as a whole did), however, reportedly observed actually fixing the issues to be no simple task. “Quality stabilization work” is normally well in progress, yet the entire design improvement effort is presently expected to take fundamentally longer than initially planned.

The thing is it stays misty exactly when will Samsung have the option to strengthen the display and lessen the gaps between the bezels and plastic defensive layer applied on top of the Galaxy Fold’s screen to satisfactory dimensions. As such, the best estimated Korean media can wander in regards to another launch is… not in June. Carriers are scarcely expected to get a fresh batch of units around mid-June for network similarity and certification purposes, and there’s presently a very good chance the Galaxy Fold will hit Korea before it eventually comes to the US.

Huawei’s Woes Could Help the Galaxy Fold Achieve its Full Potential

Being first to a market portion forecasted to reform a stagnant industry can be significant. But it’s not all that matters and Samsung is, at last, realizing that… presently that Huawei extraordinary growth has been left dead in its tracks. Despite the fact that the Mate X could still be released in China entirely soon, no one knows whether there’s a future for Huawei items outside of the world’s biggest smartphone market.


That should lift a lot of pressure from Samsung’s shoulders, which is presently working under the assumption the Galaxy Fold will be first in the Western Hemisphere regardless of whether it launches in August or September. Except Motorola or Xiaomi pull a rabbit out of their caps, which appears highly unlikely.

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Meanwhile, you still have a few days to expressly requested Samsung maintain your control and fulfill it whatever point ready if said pre-order was made on the company’s official US website and you’re willing to hold up until July (at the earliest).

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