Airbnb: Research points out that most Advertisers are Real Estate Companies


AirbnbFor those who typically rent properties for short periods within the Airbnb application, one data can leave many people impressed with the result, since most advertised properties are made available by companies and not by normal users.

This application was born out of the initiative to make it easier for people who have a residence in a place of high tourist movement to make an extra income by making their homes available to these people. Each one places the necessary prerequisites so that the lease is a beneficial process for both the searcher and the offerer.

However, some companies saw a high profitability opportunity without necessarily selling real estate to have a fixed gain, only performing the process that for some people is tiring, where there is a need to deliver and receive the key when making the lease via Airbnb.

According to a survey, although the houses belong to individuals, they are companies that take care of the reservation process. Still according to the data, the 10 largest advertisers in Rio and São Paulo are legal entities, which are divided among tourism agencies, administrative support firms and real estate, seek the owners of the residences to check in and check out visitors, charging a fee between 15% and 25% of the amount charged by the owner.

Although there is no regulation, the real estate owners guarantee that the brokers who make the communication between the owner and the lessor have Creci, which is the official record for carrying out this activity. Obviously, there are still many rules that need to be enforced to maintain the usability of the app without causing damage to hotel chains, but it is interesting to see the changes that the real estate market has been going through.

So, dear reader, have you ever used or worked with this type of service? Tell us in the comments!

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