Samsung and vivo stand out in a ranking that shows “cooler” cell phones


Samsung Known for publicizing a series of rankings, Master Lu today published the list of the “coldest” smartphones on the market. According to the company, the data were obtained through internal tests and serve as a reference for the consumer.

Taking into account only the brand, Vivo managed to place the largest number of cell phones in the ranking. The average temperature of the company’s devices is “only” 30.56 degrees Celsius.

Samsung appears in second place with an average of 31.08 degrees, while Oppo occupies third place with 31.15 degrees and Huawei appears in fourth with 31.17 degrees.

Now, when only smartphones are considered, the first place belongs to U3x live. The cheap Snapdragon 675 processor was able to run the tests with an average temperature of just 27.96 degrees.

The second place is occupied by the Galaxy M30s with 28.37ºC. The Redmi 8 with 28.40ºC and Oppo Reno 2 with 29.60ºC still stand out positively. Commenting on the result, Master Lu points out that the figures show which companies have managed to do a good job of dissipating heat :

In addition to the processor, there are several aspects that impact the average temperature of a smartphone. By investing in an efficient heat dissipation system, these companies end up helping the user, as this allows for longer battery life, in addition to better overall device performance. Consequently, the user also gains a pleasant experience in games and everyday tasks.

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What did you think of the ranking? Does your smartphone get too hot? Tell us here in the comments.

Source: phone.cnmo


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