Apple closes its stores in the US again after an increase in coronavirus cases


coronavirus However controlled, the new coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continues to have economic consequences in the United States. This is because the number of infected people and deaths increased again rapidly in some locations.

According to several health officials, this growth is taking place in areas that had not yet been affected by the first outbreak. In some states, the situation is so critical that it has forced Apple to close its stores again.

The Cupertino giant had already reopened a number of establishments in late May and early June. However, with the lack of control of the disease in several cities, the company is turning back.

For now, the closed stores are in the states of California, Maryland, Ohio, Kansas, Virginia, Missouri, and Tennessee. In addition, the company is also taking additional care at its units where the pandemic appears to have been controlled.

Apple is closing 11 more American stores in California, Maryland, Ohio and Tennessee due to the increase in coronavirus cases. The last round adds up to 2 stores temporarily closed earlier this week. In total, 91 locations in the US are already closed again .

Another measure taken by the company is the launch of the sidewalk service in some units. As the risks of spreading the disease are greater in confined spaces, Apple has been offering some basic services serving its customers outside the store.

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The novelty is only available in some cities in California, and Apple encourages all consumers to use its new online store.


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