Run! DiRT Rally is available for free for Steam at Humble Bundle


DiRT After releasing the Jalopy game for free, the Humble Bundle now makes DiRT Rally available at no cost on its platform. It can be redeemed only in its Steam-accessible PC version.

The title – which already has the successor DiRT Rally 2.0 – currently sells for $ 79.95, within the Valve service. You can learn more details about it and how to get it for free below:

DiRT Rally

Launched in 2015 for PC and 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, DiRT Rally is a spin-off of the DiRT racing game series, featuring competitions on the tarmac and off-road tracks, with varying weather conditions.

It was developed by Codemasters through the EGO engine and came to succeed in the 2012 DiRT: Showdown game. Check out its official description:

“DiRT Rally is the most authentic and exciting rally game – 130,000,000+ km tested by the DiRT community. It perfectly captures the anxiety of running on the edge, venturing down dangerous roads at extreme speeds, knowing that a crash can hurt your stage timer. ”

How to redeem?

To redeem the DiRT Rally game, you must have a Humble Bundle account, go to the promotion page within the site ( at this link ), and go to “Get The Game”. The platform will generate code for use within Steam.

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