Microsoft updates Skype with features to improve productivity across platforms


Microsoft Skype – which recently starred in another privacy scandal – has just gotten one more update that, according to the company, comes with the aim of improving productivity on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

According to a post on the official messenger blog, we have news such as draft messages, media preview and even split-screen (the latter exclusive for the desktop version).

From now on when users start typing a message, before sending it the draft will be saved so you can continue writing from any device.

The [draft] code will be displayed to show that the text has not yet been sent and can continue to be typed from where the user left off, whether on PCs, laptops or mobile devices.

You can also favor messages and shared media in chats to make them easy to find – just touch and hold the message/media or secondary click and choose to bookmark add to favorites.

Images and videos have also gained important news and can now be previewed before being sent to the recipient.

Another interesting extra is the multiple uploads – when multiple files are attached they will be sent successively and then grouped in the chat window for easy browsing.

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For Windows, Mac and Linux users, Microsoft has implemented in Skype a feature called Split View, which facilitates full-screen viewing by splitting the chat window and contact list side by side.


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