RED reveals troubled backstage of Hydrogen One manufacturing; successor wins official details


RED reveals Offering the best photographic capability of its generation, RED Hydrogen One quickly became one of the most coveted photo and video capture smartphones in the year of its official announcement. All the hype and anticipation for the smartphone increased as the company promised excellent photographic management, interchangeable camera modules for the device and, after all, is produced by none other than RED, a brand that develops extremely expensive and professional movie cameras.

But in its commercial release – which occurred after many delays and lagged high-performance hardware – Hydrogen One was a relative failure. The screen was not good enough, the new holographic visualization technology simulated shallow depth without users having to wear 3D glasses, the differentials were few, the price was extremely high and, ultimately, its main proposition for being offering one of the best cameras of the year on smartphones was simply set aside in the final product by delivering something only average.

In an official post on RED’s own forum, Jim Jannard, founder of the camera company and also Oakley, revealed details about the production, planning, and manufacturing of the company’s first mobile device, and also revealed news about the future.

Jannard blames Chinese ODM for Hydrogen One manufacturing problems

In Jim Jannard’s publication, we see the executive long after revealing that RED had to choose an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM ) to produce the smartphone, as Oakley’s eyeglass and RED camera installations could not manufacture mobile devices like Hydrogen One gave “the competitive nature of the market”.

So RED chose a Chinese ODM to produce the smartphone at Foxconn’s facility: “while Foxconn was fantastic, our ODM, which was responsible for the mechanical packaging of our project, including new technologies along with all the software integration with the Foxconnprocessor. Qualcomm had significantly lower performance. “

“Having our MDG in China to finalize the promised functionality and fix known bugs in Hydrogen One has proven to be beyond challenging. Impossible, in fact. It pissed me to death and flooded our reactor, ” said Jannard, alluding to catastrophes. nuclear

A new ODM for the new Hydrogen Two

Shortly afterward, the executive confirmed that months after RED decreed the end of the Hydrogen One project, the company began to work on designing Hydrogen Two: “virtually sketches, with a new ODM that is clearly better able to produce and support. to the product we (and our consumers) demand. “

Jannard says the second-generation smartphone is being “methodically designed and [worked] to surprise and exceed expectations.”

With the first Hydrogen ODM problem, the company also realized that the original camera module needed to be refurbished. Jannard says, “We’ve completed the extraordinary new sensor and redesigned the package,” revealing that the module can be integrated with the company’s new camera if users want even greater recording capacity.

The executive concludes the post by stating that Hydrogen is still the most exciting project he has ever worked on and that RED’s commitment to providing an advanced “pocket image capture” device is what the company wants to present to consumers.

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Without more news or information, there is no way of knowing when Hydrogen Two will be announced; Does the company plan to announce it still in 2019 or only in 2020? More details about the next generation of RED smartphone is expected in the coming months, so stay tuned.



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