Prepare the pocket! Samsung can use superior quality ISOCELL sensor on S11 Plus


S11 PlusPreparing to introduce the newest generation of its flagship smartphone soon, Samsung has been a constant presence in the field of rumors, leading to the presentation of some information that may or may not be true before the official launch.

One of the aspects that have generated more curiosity and rumors is the brand’s focus on the most advanced camera set, which should thicken the chorus of those who bet on a 108MP sensor and deliver up to 5x optical zoom according to some sources.

However, it seems that this information is not the only news that we will soon see in the new generation of the S family, having today been revealed by Ice Universe that the larger version ( Galaxy S11 Plus ) will bet on a custom sensor exclusively for the version.

According to him, this will be superior to the ISOCELL Bright HMX, also offering 108MP but with 1 / 1.3 “format, something that will certainly make the cost of the device goes up.

As usual, Samsung does not confirm or deny the rumors related to its upcoming releases, leaving us only to wait for its official release, which possibly will be early next year, sometime in the first quarter.

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So is the rumor right? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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