Xiaomi launches new sensor that can automate lighting in connected homes


Xiaomi Known for operating in the smart home segment, Xiaomi always presents the world with some products that promise to further improve its ecosystem. So this week, the company launched the new Mijia light sensor.

According to the Chinese, this small device can be attached to any wall of a house and this allows it to act in any environment. This is because its main purpose is to detect the variation of light intensity and create a comfortable place for the user.

In a very simple example, the new sensor can close the room curtains when it realizes that the afternoon light is too bright in the room. At the same time, it can also automatically turn on the bedroom light when it gets dark.

On the official product sales page, Xiaomi explains that the new sensor should work without any human interference. Even so, if the user wishes, it is also possible to configure some features on the device using the Mijia application.

The tool is available for Android and even allows the sensor connection with other smart products, such as lamps, speakers and other devices of the brand. The intention is for the entire environment to be connected to a single mesh of devices.

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For now, the new Mijia sensor is only available in China. It is sold exclusively through Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, with a price of 49 yuan. So far, there is no forecast to launch in other markets.


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