Play Store releases tools to make app and game reviews easier for users


Play StoreWe know how the vast majority of users hate voting, reviewing, and rating apps or games within the Play Store; after all, you usually need to sign out, go to the Play Store, and go to each app or game page to perform that action. But now Google is starting to release new functionality to simplify the experience.

For some users the Reviews area is already appearing in the Play Store: just go to “My Apps & Games” in the Android store sidebar and then switch to the Installed tab.

You’ll find that you can now poll multiple applications and games in a much simpler and more practical way, as they all focus on just one region. There are two tabs in the Reviews area: one showing unrated apps and games that you can easily vote on the score and, if you like, write more about the experience, plus the already rated apps area, allowing you to upgrade some detail.

The news is being released to Android users around the world throughout the week, so if it hasn’t appeared on your smartphone’s Play Store, just wait a few more days.

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Remember that this is a server update, which means you don’t need to update from your own Google store or a dedicated application, as the company itself updates accounts in different waves.

Source: androidpolice


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