Surface Neo and Duo: Newly Approved Patent Details Mechanism Used in Hinge Devices


Neo and DuoSurface Neo and Duo were introduced to the world in October by Microsoft at their annual Surface event, and even though they were prototypes, they caught the attention of the mainstream media.

With a commercial launch scheduled for 2020, the time has now come for the company to resolve all issues involving both notebooks, whether hardware or intellectual property – and that’s where the new, newly approved patent comes in. Redmond

Entitled “Adjustable Closing Magnet for Assisted Opening Hinge Device”, the patent was recently published in WIPO, despite being filed last year. Just as the title itself already delivers, it describes the mechanism used for opening and closing both Surface.

In the documents we can read something like:

The closing device includes a first magnet and a housing with a second magnet positioned thereon. The first magnet is configured to be positioned on a first object and the housing is configured to be positioned on a second object.

The housing has an upper end and at least one adjusting mechanism connected to the housing that moves the second magnet in at least one direction of translation or at least one direction of rotation relative to the upper end of the housing.

The movement of the second magnet relative to the upper end of the housing adjusts the position or orientation of the second magnet relative to the first magnet to change a magnetic force between the first magnet and the second magnet when the first magnet is positioned near the top end of the housing. .

We know that some patents do not even see the light of day in commercial launches, but in this case, the mechanism has already been included in both products mentioned above and has been registered as a kind of intellectual property protection.

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We have seen that Samsung has filed a very similar patent for a hybrid device, so it may be that we are facing a technology that has everything to become a new trend, but that, only time will tell.



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