Play Store and App Store Imbalance: 1% of developers drive most of their profits


Play StoreData recently released by market research firm SensorTower shows the worrying scenario that continues to exist in the app stores of the industry’s largest mobile platforms, iOS, and Android.

In its latest report, which covers the third quarter of 2019, the company detailed earnings and mobile downloads in a kind of global analysis, including the App Store and Google Play Store.

Counting the two stores there are about 792,000 developers, and of these, only 1% accounted for at least 80% of downloads – of the 29.6 billion downloads Facebook took 23.6 billion.

When we talk about a given number of installations, while the average (remaining 99%) of developers get 7,650 individual installations, Facebook took no less than 682 million.

Speaking of revenue, the scenario is even more desperate: we’re talking about $ 22 billion that has been unevenly distributed among numerous developers, with 1% taking $ 20.5 billion while the others averaging $ 9,900.

On the gaming side, the same trend is observed, with 1% of developers taking home 82% of downloads and 95% of revenue – meaning the App Store and Play Store are nothing but two big oligarchies, where power is in the hand of a minority.

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Worst of all, as we can see from the graphs above, this has been happening since 2014 and yet the companies responsible for the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store (Google) have failed to balance the numbers.

Source: sensortower


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