New in the market! Moment announces accessories for Mirrorless and DSLR cameras


DSLR The moment has stood out with its accessories for smartphones and drones, which focus on bringing improvements to the cameras of these gadgets, presenting lens options, among other things.

Thinking about this success, he decided to expand his market share and brought his first products focused on Mirrorless Cameras and DSLRs. The challenge will be great since there are other strong competitors, but Moment manages to deliver a quality that pleases users.

Starting with the right foot, Moment announced three sets of variable ND filters, an accessory widely used by several photographers and that expand the options of a lens.

The ND filters advertised are one 67 mm, another 77 mm and finally, an 82 mm, fitting in many of the lenses available on the market today and certainly the most sold since Moment must have done research to identify which ones to launch.

The use of a variable ND filter can save the photo and even the video of a content producer, since even having a beautiful set of lens and cameras, you can face a situation in which there will be too much light to the point of disturbing the click.

Having a variable ND filter, the professional can control part of the light that enters the camera lens, without having to reduce the focal aperture, so, depending on the situation, you will continue to have the desired blur, without disturbing other settings of your equipment.

A salty value

The new filters from Moment arrive costing US $ 149.99 (R $ 629), US $ 159.99 (R $ 471) and US $ 169.99 (R $ 713), values ​​that are not so attractive and that they even come close to the value of a new lens, however, the company’s intention is to focus on the premium market.

Equating the values ​​offered by Moment’s ND filters, with direct competitors, such as PolarPro VND Peter McKinnon Edition, its price is quite attractive, since such a product costs around the US $ 250 (around R $ 1049) and apparently this is really the intention of the manufacturer, to offer premium products, with a lower value than the others.

If you follow this metric, you will certainly get a good audience. The difficulty will certainly be in calling new customers since in the case of DSLR and Mirrorless users, we noticed a certain attachment to certain brands, something that does not happen so much with smartphone accessories, a market that Moment stood out for.

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In the future, we will certainly see new releases from Moment focused on DSLR and Mirrorless.


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