Millionaire fine! Apple convicted of WiLAN patent infringement


WiLANAfter being sued by Blix over the Sign With Apple feature, the Cupertino giant was ordered to pay WiLAN $ 85 million for wireless patent infringement.

In a lawsuit initiated in 2018, Apple was accused by the Canadian company of infringing technologies and was fined at first $ 145 million. After appealing, the amount to be paid plummeted to $ 10 million.

The owner of WiLAN, Quaterhill did not like it and decided to proceed with the lawsuit. More than a year of proceedings in the United States, the American Justice has hammered out the $ 85 million for royalties.

According to Bloomberg, the calculation took into account sales of iPhones. The “Apple” would still have presented as a defense a possible lack of sufficient evidence for the jury to condemn the American multinational. However, the argument does not appear to have been accepted by the authorities.

So far, it has not been disclosed whether Apple will resort to higher courts to reduce the fine. It is estimated that the current value represents about 90% of WiLAN’s annual turnover – which raised $ 107.6 million in sales in the first nine months of 2019.

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Do you believe that “Apple” really infringed on the wireless company’s patents? Leave your opinion for us in the comments below.


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