Microsoft To Do for iOS Receives Update That Includes Siri Integration and More


MicrosoftContinuing with its implementations for the To Do task management application , Microsoft yesterday released another update for embedded iOS devices, bringing this to version 2.7.

New to this new version officially available in the store is the implementation of Siri shortcut support, allowing users to add their own shortcuts to the Task.

To do this, users must open the settings and click on “Siri Shortchuts”, thus allowing shortcuts to be created for opening specific lists or adding tasks to defined lists.

In addition, changelog also confirms that the version provides integration with sharing thanks to the extension provided, thus allowing the user to save a web page to a reading list or to add something to the shopping list automatically.

Concluding the news, we also have confirmation that the new version of Microsoft To Do has made it easier to re-share lists by adding email addresses of previous members of your list and the ability to disable notifications of shared lists through settings.

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Those interested in benefiting from the news may already update or download the app directly from the App Store.

Source: mspoweruser

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