Microsoft Opens New Edge for Community Extensions


Microsoft As we approach its official release , the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge becomes more complete. Last week, the Redmond giant demonstrated the power of its browser by publishing a page with over 160 available extensions .

The idea is to demonstrate that the tool will reach the consumer fully functional and with a comprehensive store. Therefore, Microsoft announced a new measure on Tuesday (17). So now any developer can submit their extensions to the Edge store.

According to Microsoft, as the new browser is Chromium-based, extensions that already work in Google Chrome do not require code changes. Just submit on the Partner Center dashboard.

If the developer wants to offer new features or functionality in Edge, Microsoft is also launching some proprietary APIs. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the Redmond giant also announced that it no longer accepts Edge Legacy (Edge HTML) based extensions .

Even so, developers will be able to continue offering updates to their existing tools. In addition, in order to facilitate migration to Chromium-based Edge, the company should also provide users with all extensions that were installed on Edge Legacy.

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The operation will happen automatically and simply. Thus, the company expects many users to migrate to the new browser from January 15.


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